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Lotus Temple

Lotus Temple is a sacred space for hosting events and glamping. It can be a great way to build community as well! The Lotus Temple is a 700 sq ft tent made for events and glamping. The company Lotus Belle designed this tent and called it the "Lotus Mahal", aka, the Taj Mahal of tents. As seen on Vice Tv, this tent is fit for just about any event. It has multiple windows and doors & can be privately closed off or the bottom part of the tent can be opened up to provide 360 access.

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My Story

I always come up with event ideas and so do my friends. The one thing that held us all back from actually hosting the events was having an aesthetically pleasing space that was available. I think having the Lotus Temple be the center space for building communities as a portable event hall is amazing, not to mention a beautiful space for a rocking glamping trip!


I am looking to rent it out to people that host:

-Pop Up Shops

-Live Instrument Jam Sessions

-Sacred Women Gatherings

-Raw Vegan Food Experiences

-Dance Classes/ Dance Parties

-Photo Shoot 

-Art Shows 



-Massage Therapy

-Healing Ceremonies 

-Self Care


-Networking parties



For more info, Please email




I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities to build community here in Atlanta with the Lotus Temple. Let's connect! 


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