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Lotus Temple

 Lotus Temple Tent: The Enchanted Sanctuary of Meetings, Crafted by High Priestess Queen Trudianna 


Step into a realm of ethereal beauty and mystical allure at the Lotus Temple Tent, an enchanting sanctuary of meetings meticulously crafted by the revered High Priestess Queen Trudianna herself. This divine haven stands as a testament to her wisdom, grace, and deep spiritual connection with nature.


 Surrounded by the bounties of nature, the Lotus Temple Tent serves as a sacred gathering place, where seekers of wisdom and spiritual growth come together under the watchful guidance of Queen Trudianna. Just as the ancient priestesses convened in sacred tents to share knowledge and invoke spiritual blessings, this extraordinary sanctuary beckons visitors to explore the depths of their souls.


 With every intricate detail, the tent exudes an aura of enchantment, reflecting the essence of High Priestess Queen Trudianna's extraordinary wisdom and mastery of her craft. Each corner is adorned with mystical symbols and sacred emblems, inviting all who enter to embrace the profound journey of self-discovery.


 As the sun sets on the horizon, the Lotus Temple Tent takes on an otherworldly glow, symbolizing the sacred transformation that occurs within its walls. Here, the whispers of the wind are said to carry ancient wisdom, and the rustling leaves echo the secrets of the universe, connecting all who gather with the spiritual essence of life.


 Within the sanctuary, guests are welcomed to partake in sacred rituals, meditation, and soulful gatherings, rent it for their own sacred events or community meetings and educational events. The ambiance resonates with divine energy, encouraging profound insights and a deeper understanding of oneself and the world around.


 The Lotus Temple Tent stands as a living legacy of High Priestess Queen Trudianna's profound devotion to spiritual growth, unity, and harmony with nature. It is a place where seekers are embraced by her divine presence and where they can commune with the essence of the cosmos.


 Journey into the heart of the Lotus Temple Tent, a sanctuary of meetings graced by the presence of High Priestess Queen Trudianna. Discover the mystical allure of this sacred space, where the bonds of knowledge, wisdom, and spirituality intertwine, leaving a lasting impact on all who enter. #LotusTempleTent

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My Story

I always come up with event ideas and so do my friends. The one thing that held us all back from actually hosting the events was having an aesthetically pleasing space that was available. I think having the Lotus Temple be the center space for building communities as a portable event hall is amazing, not to mention a beautiful space for a rocking glamping trip!


I am looking to rent it out to people that host:

-Pop Up Shops

-Live Instrument Jam Sessions

-Sacred Women Gatherings

-Raw Vegan Food Experiences

-Dance Classes/ Dance Parties

-Photo Shoot 

-Art Shows 



-Massage Therapy

-Healing Ceremonies 

-Self Care


-Networking parties



For more info, Please email




I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities to build community here in Atlanta with the Lotus Temple. Let's connect! 


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