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Monthly Scientific Remote Viewing

Scientific Remote Viewing (SRV) lessons to begin psychic training.

  • 35 hr
  • 1,500 US dollars
  • online session

Service Description

The process of coaching is 3 days a week through video call (Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday or Sunday). At the beginning, I will give you beginner landmark targets and teach you the mandatory steps on how to remote view. I will be your interviewer & monitor for each step of the way. As the interviewer, i do not tell you whether or not you are right or wrong until the target is completed. What i WILL do is I will guide by asking you questions that will help you give more detail about what you are sensing. My job is to teach you how to calm your mind, trust your intuition, communicate how you feel with basic words, and then teach you how to use your senses more all at once. This process takes time and is very difficult if you block yourself by overthinking. And trust me, we all do that when beginning to learn SRV. But after a while of remembering how it feels to get the target correct, your subconscious mind kicks in and handles getting the target correctly each time because you're use to trusting your natural intuitive thinking. RV is not easy at the beginning. It is very detailed and sometimes complex. It only becomes easy with practice, similar to learning how to play a piano. Your sessions will all be done on paper with a black inc pen. SRV packets can be downloaded for free on and will be used for ALL sessions. Please have access to a printer and a scanner for your classes. I will explain to you in detail how to do every single page of the SRV session packets and we will go over the meanings of Remote Viewing vocabulary. The Subconscious mind is connected to all things but it also has the ability to create fake stories, so i will be guiding you on how to use BASIC universal descriptions so that you can explain each target in a simple but effective way. Each month, your SRV coarse will be 1,500$ the first day of each month and a payment plan can be discussed if you are invested in paying that way. Those plans can be weekly, bi-weekly, or a complete monthly payment all at once. The first month requires a deposit of 700$ as your initial down payment, then the rest can be paid throughout the month if you choose to do a payment plan. You might not always get your targets correct at the beginning, but over time you will get use to knowing how to get your targets 70-95% accurate just like we do here at Farsight. Your paper sessions can be scanned with a scanner or with an application called "Adobe Scan" and sent to me via email.

Cancellation Policy

no refunds

Contact Details

+1 4049934662

Atlanta Atlanta, GA, USA

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